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Start a business: Courier service

Before you start creating a delivery service, you have to seriously consider everything and decide what kind of delivery you are going to deal with. You can work with catering, you can become an intermediary of online stores, you can serve legal entities, you can provide services to individuals. Or combine several directions. Each option has its own nuances to be taken into account. Consider what territory you can work on the basis of your budget. The wider the boundaries of delivery, the more expensive it is to create an enterprise.

Courier delivery service is a business that you can start alone and spend only on travel and registration of individual entrepreneurs. Such an approach, however, will not promise great profits. Most likely, you will earn only a little more than a hired courier (average salary 25,000-35,000 rubles), while you will work many times more. We'll have to look for customers, receive calls and orders, spin. In large cities, where the market is close to saturation in terms of the number of offers, it makes sense to make serious investments (from several million rubles to several tens of millions of rubles) and create high-quality service. Clients most of all complain about the quality of services. The payback of a good service, provided that you correctly determine the needs of your target audience and calculate everything exactly at the start, can be about three years.


The delivery service needs an office space in which dispatchers and management will be located. Couriers will drive up there to solve pressing issues. At the office you have to receive customers, so take care of the presentable appearance of the building, or at least the room in which your company will be located. Legislation does not impose specific requirements on such offices.

Logistic companies that cooperate with online stores, as a rule, have their own warehouse. If you are going to create a large-scale service, it is better to rent a larger room. You do not need a class A warehouse - it is quite possible to keep within $ 100-130 per sq. m per year. You can offer your customers paid use of your facilities. Storage of inventory during the day usually costs the store an average of 50 rubles per cubic meter. You can take care of the packaging too - picking one order with courier service employees costs 10-50 rubles.

Problems with the service arise also due to the reluctance of courier services to work around the clock and on holidays. A flexible schedule and willingness to quickly provide services will help attract customers who find themselves in a difficult situation.


After registration of a legal entity, deal with documents that will protect you and the client in case of conflict. The courier must provide the customer with the invoice in duplicate, a cash receipt. If he uses a car, the usual waybill should be replaced by a freight bill (TTN). Valuable goods make sense to accompany the act of the absence of claims to the appearance and quality.

The invoice forms can be downloaded on the Internet, in the 1C system, ordered at the printing house. Be careful not to get lost. It will be necessary to report to the tax, including with their help, therefore, all TTN should be in order. Remember that the invoice should indicate your data and customer data, contain information about the cargo (size, weight, etc.) and payment.

If couriers will accept payment, you can not do without a cash register. In case of his absence, the company faces a fine of 30,000-40,000 rubles.


Other expenses


Couriers are the most important delivery service staff. Most of all they communicate with customers, so you need to approach the selection process very carefully. Firstly, it’s worth choosing people based on their preferences and expectations. The most nervous job for a courier is food delivery. Fulfillment of the order must be started immediately after receipt, little time is allocated for the road - an average of one and a half hours in Moscow. There is no way to plan a route. The most beneficial work is the distribution of documents. As a rule, all addresses are known the night before, the courier has the opportunity to build the most convenient route between points.

In Russia, the work of a courier is perceived as something second-rate, so the task of the creator of the project is to convey to the employees the idea that their work is important and useful. Often, logistics companies complain about the disappearance of couriers along with goods or money. It does not bother to insure yourself for such a case - the official registration of couriers in the state is well-functioning.

Hardware, transport and software

The simplest cash register equipment costs about 10,000 rubles. If you are going to become a major player, take care of the information infrastructure. Customers typically opt for courier services offering an API (Application Programming Interface). This is an external application built into the site that fully automates the delivery order process.

You may have to invest in another infrastructure. Couriers can be handed out smartphones or tablets with the installed application of your company. You will also have to write a special program to monitor how orders are delivered and what kind of feedback the client leaves.


It is easier to promote the services of a service serving legal entities or catering establishments. You can call online stores and business centers to offer delivery assistance. If we are talking about private packages, you should pay attention to contextual advertising and advertising on social networks, which should be built up before the holidays.

Illustrations: Natalya Osipova

Thank you for your help in preparing the material: Bringo, Smartomato, Homeassist

Watch the video: How to Start Your Own Independent Courier Service Today: All the Basics (December 2019).

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