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Uniqlo t-shirt, Acne sweatshirt, The Kooples shirt

Every week, Life around finds out what's new in Moscow stores, and tells where to go for new brands, the best collections and the biggest discounts.




Even the recent fire at one of the main warehouses of the online store (there were more than 10 million packages there, but it seems that most of them were not damaged) did not prevent Asos from announcing the next sale. This time, discounts reach 50% and apply to almost the entire range. Now at half price you can buy dresses and tops from the spring-summer collections of most of the brands presented here, as well as swimwear, straw hats and sandals. The guys should pay attention to the section with shoes, where you can still find New Balance and Nike sneakers, Vans sneakers and almost a full copy of their own brand Asos in two dozen colors.

The next price reduction is planned for July 1, and then the discount for almost everything will be 70%, however, you should not expect that the most interesting models or running sizes will survive.


Podium concept store

Kuznetsky Most St., 14

+7 (495) 926−15−35


Following the women's collection Au Jour le Jour, a men's line was also brought to the Podium Concept Store. It still has the same fun colors in the style of pop art, vibrant prints and sportswear: bomber jackets, sweatshirts, caps, T-shirts and shorts with images of dinosaurs, lips and brand logos. The cost of things - from 7 500 rubles for a cap to 36 thousand rubles for a bomber jacket with leather sleeves; Now the entire collection of the brand has hit the off-season sale (discount up to 30%), and, given the popularity of the women's collection, which appeared in Moscow a little earlier, things are unlikely to survive until the next stage of the sale.




This week, a capsule collection has been launched in Stylebop's online store, designed specifically for summer festivals and outdoor concerts. The series includes only a few things: a translucent silk Zimmermann kimono jumpsuit (the main specialization of the brand is swimwear and beachwear), a headband made of thin chains and sunglasses (a model with colored Mykita lenses - 12 600 rubles), as well as a bag and leather fringed ankle boots. However, the sale, which began on the site a couple of weeks ago, deserves much more attention - here she got in a pretty good simple sheath dresses Donna Karan and Vionnet, swimwear with floral print Matthew Williamson (from 6 thousand rubles), laconic jackets Helmut Lang (22 thousand rubles), sandals Fendi, Chloe, Rupert Sanderson and other things from the spring-summer collections, which can now be bought at discounts from 30% to 50%.


Trends brands


Following the joint collections with Cut the Rope and American Apparel, the Russian online store Trends Brands decided to launch its own seasonal line of clothing and accessories. Limited series will be available for ordering online (and will not appear in the department of the brand in the Tsvetnoy department store), and new collections will arrive at the beginning of each month; they will consist of 40-50 objects that are easily combined with each other. The first collection will go on sale next Tuesday, July 1; the prices of things will not exceed 6 thousand rubles (the two-color dress with small peas costs so much).



Color Blvd, 15/1

+7 (495) 737-83-75 

Since June 25, the off-season sale has started at Tsvetnoy. Now, in addition to all kinds of promotions that appear here almost daily, discounts cover the main assortment of the department store. At half price you can buy things from brands such as Mary Katrantzou, Jonathan Saunders, Marc by Marc Jacobs, Casely-Hayford, Nasir Mazhar, Melinda Gloss and so on. On the third floor, the discounts are slightly less substantial - they sell Sandro, Maje, Agent Provocateur (the L'Agent line, developed by the Penelope and Monica Cruz sisters) with a 30% discount, as well as some of The Kooples items (mainly jackets and jackets, male and female shirts and pants). On the second floor, discounts can be found almost everywhere - Topshop, adidas, Kixbox and Wood Wood reduce from 20% to 30% of the initial cost. The sale will end in early August, and discounts throughout July will gradually increase.



Zemlyanoy Val St., 33,
Atrium, 2nd floor
+7 (495) 981−21−31

Together with the New York Museum of Modern Art, the Japanese company Uniqlo has developed a new collection of T-shirts. This time, the inspiration for the brand was served by classic images of pop culture, and the prints were based on the paintings of Keith Haring, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Barbara Krueger, Roy Lichtenstein, Andy Warhol and other artists. The cost of any T-shirt from the SPRZ NY series is 799 rubles.

Especially for this project, Uniqlo reconstructed the second floor of New York's flagship store on Fifth Avenue, where a department with things from the collaboration opened, and also organized a free museum visit program on Fridays. In Moscow, you can find the capsule collection in all Uniqlo stores.


"Kuznetsk bridge 20"

Kuznetsky Most St., 20

+7 (495) 623-78-88


From today, the concept store Kuznetsky Most 20 has joined the sale. The starting discount here is 30%, but it covers almost the entire assortment of the store (with the exception of Ashish and several other brands). Going here stands behind the translucent Bionda Castana shoes (from 16 thousand rubles), denim skirts from the 90s J.W. Anderson (16 thousand rubles) and silk robes Walk of Shame (34 thousand rubles), which are most desperate to replace the summer dress. The guys should pay attention to the spring-summer Acne collection: the store still has color sweatshirts with prints - now they cost a little more than 11 thousand rubles. There is no exact end date for the sale. A pop-up store of the Limoland brand, owned by French philanthropist, collector and millionaire Jean Pigozzi, also opened in the store's space. Bright t-shirts, polos and accessories with ironic prints were brought to Moscow. The department will work only two weeks.

Watch the video: ACNE STUDIOS-Shop with Me VLOG (December 2019).

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