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An exhibition about life with tuberculosis, “The Wicked Molly”, Malback, Vienna Film Festival and “Oh, yes! Food!”

Monday 23 July

On the photo: IC3PEAK

At 10:00 at the Novotel Yekaterinburg Center The annual Heat Conference kicks off. Since 2017, Zhary lecturers have been talking about what is happening in PR and marketing communications. Kermen Mandzhieva from Megafon will talk about hyponomics and reputation risks, Olga Stukalova from BigPicture - about bloggers that everyone needs, Sergey Kolyada from Russian Post - about quick response in force majeure.

Cost: from 7 500 rubles, buy a ticket

Tuesday July 24th

At 19:00 in the Educational Center The Yeltsin Center will host a lecture by Svetlana Drugoveiko-Dolzhanskaya, faculty of philology at St. Petersburg State University, “How many letters are in the alphabet?”, Dedicated to graphic styling techniques. The lecturer will talk about how the perception of information is influenced by the font, the location of the text on the plane, emoticons, emojis, Latin characters and such Cyrillic letters that, it would seem, have long been made known to history (for example, ѣ).

PRICE: Is free

Wednesday July 25th

At 19:30 in the main hall of the cinema "Passage Cinema" the Bureau 100 concept agency, together with the Tesnota Yekaterinburg promotional bureau, will present the film as part of the series of film screenings "Blind Movie". The name of the tape will be hidden until the start of the event. The proceeds from the show “Tesnota” will invest in the organization of its flagship party “Know”, at which guest electronic musicians and DJs perform.

Cost: 250 rubles

At 20:00 in the "Tele Club" a concert begins with the program "Stone on the head" in honor of the 30th anniversary of the group "King and the Jester". Each year, on the day of remembrance and the birthday of ex-lead singer of the group Mikhail Gorshenev, his friend and colleague Andrei Knyazev gives special concerts dedicated to the cult group and the legendary musician. Concerts supported by the "Mikhail Gorshenev Memorial Fund."

Cost: from 1 800 rubles

Thursday, July 26

On the photo: Malbec

At 11:00 in the gallery "Main Avenue" The art breakfast, “Which artists work for Gucci?” begins. Gallery owner Marina Alvitr will talk about Alessandro Michele - a couturier who made the whole world perceive fashion shows as art performances. Through his work, he constantly shifts the line between art and fashion, and arranges collaborations with young artists who are more like artistic dialogue. Over a cup of coffee, breakfast participants will discuss Gucci's partnership with Unskilled Worker, the Gucci Ghost platform and Jayde Fish.

Cost: 500 rubles, coffee included

At 19:00 on the stage in front of the main building of UrFU Oberton String Octet ensemble will perform. The concert will open the 9th Vienna Festival of Musical Films, which will last in Yekaterinburg on August 11. You can listen to concerts and watch recordings of world famous operas and ballets for free. The program includes a recording of Nelli Furtado’s performance, the opera Romeo and Juliet, the Nutcracker ballet, a concert by Anna Netrebko and Yusif Eyvazov, and much more. You can see the full program of the festival on the website.

Cost: Is free

At 19:00 in the Round Hall of the Yeltsin Center Polina Sinyatkina's exhibition "To breathe and not breathe" will open, which will last until August 26. The exhibition tells the personal story of the artist who fought with tuberculosis. Finding herself in a tuberculosis dispensary in May 2015 and spending 6 months and 17 days in the hospital, Polina went through fear and misunderstanding, anger and despair, loneliness and silence, love and friendship, and left the hospital with a series of new works that tell the stories of people whom also chose a case. The opening will be accompanied by an exhibition tour of the exhibition.

Cost: Is free

At 19:00 in the educational center of the Yeltsin Center a meeting will take place with the poet Yuri Ryashentsev, the author of songs for the films ("D'Artagnan and the Three Musketeers", "Vivat, Midshipmen!", "Island of the Dead Ship" and many others) in "Another Conversation" with Valery Vyzhutovich. Prominent scholars, historians, economists, writers, and cultural figures participate in public dialogues with journalist Valery Vyzhutovich and discuss allegedly indisputable truths - hence the name of the cycle “Another Conversation”.

Cost: Is free

At 19:00 in the bar "Nelson Sauvin" in the framework of the series “Quiet Exhibitions” Alexey Pichugin will speak with young Sverdlovsk artists, whose works can now be seen in the bar. In a lecture, he will talk about different alchemical and occult images in his psychedelic Ural engravings.

PRICE: Is free

Friday July 27th

At 18:00 in the ICAE of Yekaterinburg The free evening "My Science: History" begins. Ural scientists will popularly tell about the history of crafts and industry in the Urals and answer questions from listeners. The program includes two scientific lectures, “My own game” and the thematic tour “Tsarsky Bridge: chords of two eras”.

Cost: Free

At 19:00 on the corner of Bazhov and Shevchenko streets the author’s walk “Bazhova Street: a walk-dialogue for neighbors and friends” starts. Alena Kunilova, a graduate of the School of Authors Routes of the Ural NCCA, will talk about how Pavel Bazhov had relation to Bazhov Street in Sverdlovsk, how Bazhov Street in Yekaterinburg reinterprets the writer's legacy, how the street and urban environment have changed over the past 100 years, as well as share stories of famous and unknown residents of the street.

Cost: 250 rubles, tickets at the box office of the Ural branch of the NCCA or before the start of the tour.

At 19:30 in the wine club "Mandragora" Sheinkman 32a will host the Wine Trends tasting guide. Sommelier Tatyana Vetluzhskikh will talk about trends in the world of wine, about which wines are now fashionable to drink, and how quickly wine popularity reaches Russia. The tasting program includes 6 topical wines.

Cost: 1 400 rubles, entry required

At 22:00 in the jazz club Everjazz a joint concert of American vocalist Stefan Boster (Stefan Boster, USA) and the Yekaterinburg blues band The Traveling Orchestra will take place. The collaboration of musicians has been going on for several years. This time the concert will be dedicated to "Blues Walks in Memphis" - an explosive mixture of swing, rock and roll and rhythm and blues, which originated in one of the blues capitals of America.

Cost: from 400 rubles

AT 23:00 AT THE TELE CLUB SUMMER PLACE The annual Full Moon and Topical Electronic Music Festival, Full Moon Open Air, opens. The headliners of the event are Tiefschwarz (Souvenir, Germany), Einzelkind (PressureTraxx /, Germany), Dave Pad (Anjunadeep / Highway, Moscow) and Alexey Orlov (Slowdance, Moscow). Traditionally, the summer venue will be divided into thematic dance floors - the main one, the Sverdlovsk Deep dip dance floor, Safe Mode dance floor. On a festival night, 13 DJs will perform on it.

PRICE: from 500 rubles

Saturday, July 28

On the photo: Polina Sinyatkina, "Inhale and not breathe"

At 11:00 in the fan zone of TsPKiO named after Mayakovsky starts a two-day gastronomic festival "Oh, yes! Food!". On July 28 and 29 there will be a gastronomic theater and a workshop area, a sports area with spectacular trainings, an open-air cinema, a lecture hall, a creative workshop and a design market. At the food court of the festival, more than 100 participants will present their dishes - Ural restaurants, cafes, farmers and food producers.

Cost: from 200 rubles

At 14:00 in the lobby of the Yeltsin Center the walking excursion "From the Sloboda to the City" will begin on Boris Yeltsin Street, where the Yeltsin Center and the highest skyscraper in Yekaterinburg are located - the Iset tower. Guests will find out who lived at different times in the space of the right-bank quarter, where the architecture of three centuries coexists, how the city has changed, and what is the nature of the rapid leap that Yekaterinburg of the 21st century is witnessing before us.

Cost: 300 rubles

At 17:00 on the summer platform of the Tele Club The music festival of the new Russian scene "Pitchfork" will be held The headliners of the event will be the sought-after artists of the new Russian scene - LSP, The Rushing Molly, Malbek and Suzanne, IC3PEAK and Puppies.

Cost: From 2 000 rubles

At 17:00 in the courtyard of the "House of Metenkov" will take action "Bones". The project of artists Anna and Vitaly Cherepanovs this summer marks the first anniversary of its existence. The action is held in the form of a dice game, where each piece of invited artists is assigned a number of dice corresponding to the number of digits in the cost of the work. In honor of the 20th anniversary of the House of Metenkov, separate lots - cards and photozines - will be put up for the game in support of the museum.

The basis of the new share will be a series of brick Ural toys Briick Toy. Each of the works will be painted by young artists of Yekaterinburg specifically for the event. All works will cost from 111 to 666 rubles, and only the exclusive Briick Toy collection will be put up for four cubes (from 1 111 to 6 666 rubles). At the end of the action, a party with music and dancing will be held in the courtyard.

Cost: is free

Sunday, July 29

At 19:30 in the Freedom Hall The Yeltsin Center opens a permanent monthly performance program composed of modules lasting three months. Their authors and performers are professional dancers of modern dance from Yekaterinburg, participants of the "Maloformatny" festival. On the last Sunday of July, the dancer and choreographer Alexander Petrazhitsky will present his new work - the dance performance "Reflections".

Cost: 300 rubles (for a ticket to the museum)

At 14:00 in the Boris Yeltsin Museum Yeltsin center will host a tour "Full version: Ural brands in our apartments." In the Hall of the Second Day, guests will be shown samples of forgotten goods of local production - compositions from the Ural gems, statues of Kasli casting and wooden panels, which still retain the memories of the owners.

Cost: 300 rubles (for a ticket to the museum)







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