Weekend in Petersburg

May 23 - 25

Throughout the weekend, a Life around correspondent keeps track of all the most interesting events in the city: festivals, exhibitions, concerts, sales, photos and messages from social networks.


A trailer for Woody Allen’s new romantic comedy “Magic in the Moonlight” appeared on the net. Starring: Emma Stone and Colin Firth. The world premiere is scheduled for July 25th.


For those who missed - the second part of the explanatory dictionary from visitors from different cities.


Right now on the main avenue of the city is the largest choreographic flash mob of the year Dancing Nevsky. Four thousand people - both pros and amateurs - from a wide variety of groups: from children's studios to the Wheelchair Sports Dance Federation, simultaneously perform from Sadovaya to Moika Embankment. The program includes pop dances, a waltz and "Dance of the Little Ducklings", a total of five numbers.

Photo: Topspb.tv


Peter Dinklage and the other Lanisters, couples on the set and the sex scandal are six interesting facts about the new X-Men on Miloslav Chemodanov’s blog.


In Ostrovsky Square, as part of the ice cream festival, a wide variety of types and brands of goodies were collected. They also prepared the world's largest pancake cake in the shape of a heart - one and a half meters in diameter and about half a ton in weight.


Danish group "Vengaboys" recorded a track dedicated to the World Cup in Brazil, according to colleagues from TJournal.


In the Mikhailovsky Manege, the International Book Salon will be held until 26. Among the participants of the salon are the All Free Store, Limbus Press Publishing House, Polyandria, Ad Marginem, Art. Lebedev Studio. The full program can be found here.


Andrei Zvyagintsev's film "Leviathan" won a prize for the best screenplay in Cannes. This is a modern version of the story of the biblical Job. The Golden Palm Branch was awarded the Winter Hibernation by Nuri Bilge Ceylan, a drama between a man and two women in a snow-covered hotel in Anatolia. Julianne Moore and Timothy Spoll won awards in acting nominations for the "Star Card" and "William Turner".


Today, in the halls of the Passage, the Dolce Fest festival takes place, where you can eat a piece of cake in the form of sights of St. Petersburg, taste sweets and participate in shows and master classes by creative confectioners.


Petersburg celebrates today the main holiday, City Day! And we are starting the broadcast! An opera concert, a dance flash mob, an ice cream festival, a book salon and other events on the occasion of the 311st anniversary of St. Petersburg are in our guide.


We remind you that on the night of May 24-25, in connection with the celebration of City Day, the metro will work without interruption. More details here.


Quentin Tarantino announced that he was going to make a mini-series out of his film "Django Unchained". The director thinks to supplement it with unreleased scenes, with which the new version will pull in four separate episodes. According to Tarantino, he has already taken 90 minutes of scenes not included in the film. However, when exactly it is worth waiting for the Django series is still unknown.


We continue to publish sketches of the city life of the editorial staff and friends, united in the LAM Sketching Club. This time the club visited the Moscow exhibition "Ball of robots", where they brought to the demonstrations the latest achievements of robotics from around the world.


Lenfilm took custody of the tiger Amadeus from the Leningrad Zoo. “The idea came to Lenfilm in preparing for the anniversary of the genuine Soviet cinema masterpiece by directors Nadezhda Kosheverova and Alexander Ivanovsky,“ Tiger Tamer. ”The painting was set in 1954, and this year marks its 60th anniversary,” the press service said Lenfilm "


Most schools in the country held the last bell yesterday. We looked at Instagram to find out what the participants and witnesses of the big event took pictures of.


The festival "Legends of the Norse Vikings" takes place in the Peter and Paul Fortress. On Saturday and Sunday, Hare Island will turn into a settlement of Scandinavian warriors. The organizers promise that a real Viking ship will even come to the festival shore. Today at 17:00 there will be reconstructions of fights, as well as shops of merchants and tents of artisans. Details on the link.


Illustrator Marty Cooper creates funny characters and transfers them to the real world with the help of transparent plastic sheets. The collection of funny drawings "Hombre McSteez" is regularly updated.


Today, Joseph Brodsky would have turned 74 years old. By reference you can test yourself for knowledge of his poems. In the material of colleagues, you can check yourself for knowledge of his works.


For the whole weekend, Malaya Sadovaya was renamed to Harms Street, where pantomime and stage speech workshops are held. A stage was built in front of the Manege building, poetry and songs are read from it by actor Leonid Mozgovoi, musician Igor Kornelyuk and dozens of other local artists. The children's component of Kharms’s work will be defeated by the Krupskaya factory - on May 25, from 12:00 to 18:00 they will arrange candy rain from Bears in the North.


In the print studio "YaMayka" on May 26-27, prints of "I love Saint-Petersburg" can be printed on T-shirts. In honor of City Day, it will cost 311 rubles. You can pre-order May 25th.


Last night in Cannes, the Russian film "Leviathan" by Andrei Zvyagintsev was shown. Critics liked the tape, but Russian Minister of Culture Vladimir Medinsky didn’t. "We showed the picture to Mr. Medinsky, he said: they don’t drink like that in Russia," director Andrei Zvyagintsev told reporters. Medinsky also noted that the film would not suffer at all if the mat was cut from it. At the same time, the world press called the picture a new Russian masterpiece.


Meanwhile, a joint choir of five thousand people began performing at St. Isaac's Cathedral. The festival of choral music is held in honor of City Day for the second time. The choir opened his performance with the song "What the Homeland Begins"


Destroyed Moscow, two films of the star of the Game of Thrones star, Nicole Kidman as Grace Kelly, Mila Kunis on fire - Miloslav Chemodanov watched the news of our rental


From May 23 to May 25, Petersbike holds the May Cycle Night campaign. These days from 21:00 to 9:00 you can rent a bike for free. To take part in the action, you need to register on the site and have time to take a bike at one of the rental points. Details are in the official rental group.



Good evening friends! We are starting the broadcast. Nasa compiled a global selfie, or more precisely, a mosaic image of the Earth, consisting of 36,422 images from different parts of the world. So many photos were taken as part of the Global Selfie campaign held in honor of Earth Day on April 22. You can see the project in full size here.

Watch the video: Jim Norton and Sam Roberts May 23, 2019 (December 2019).

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