Love and ride: Where to do Olympic sports in Moscow

Perhaps you are watching the Sochi Games and you think: “But what did I spend my childhood on? After all, I could play a couple of thousandths of a second at Felix Loch, close all five targets, and not like ours, and, overcoming the anatomy, jump the cascade of fours!” In this case, we have compiled a guide to Moscow facilities where you can do Olympic sports.

Skeleton, sleigh, bobsled

For practicing these three sports, the same platform is suitable. Until recently, there was no special route in Russia. Only in December 2007 a bobsleigh track opened in Paramonovo, near Dmitrov, 40 kilometers from Moscow. True, she immediately aroused a lot of criticism due to incorrect design.

The second track was opened last season in Sochi. However, it is not a fact that she will survive after the Olympics: because of the hot climate, it is very expensive to maintain her.

Accordingly, skeleton, bobsleigh and sleigh can only be practiced in the imperfect Paramonovo. On the basis of the track works SDUSHOR. It is possible to enroll a child in this school in Moscow - 26a Selshozyasstvennaya Street.

Riding just like that, without any skills, will not work: skeleton, sledding and bobsledding are too extreme sports. Especially the skeleton: there athletes rush along the highway at a speed of 150 kilometers per hour head first. Therefore, children are taken into the skeleton only after nine years. But even those who come to study do their first congress only a few months after the start of training.


More recently, curling in Moscow could only be played at the Moskvich Sports Center. But after being included in the program of the Olympic Games, curling quickly gained popularity. Now it’s not so easy to calculate the number of specialized ice rinks in the capital, as new ones are constantly opening.

One of the budget options is the Ice Planet. There, an hour of play from Monday to Thursday costs 5 thousand rubles. This amount is divided by all players, and there can be from six to ten. True, to book a track, you need to pay 50 percent of the prepayment. Ice Planet is located in the very south of the capital: between the Domodedovo and Zyablikovo stations.

You can play in the open air at the "Young Pioneers Stadium" at the intersection of Leningradsky Prospekt and Begovaya Street. The prices there are also pleasant: now, for the promotion - 4,700 rubles per hour. Moreover, for this money you will be provided with equipment, an instructor and a locker room, as well as a souvenir from Sochi. Book a track on the site.



Rublevo - Uspenskoe highway, pos. Gorki-2


Broadcasting Company "European"

Kievsky station square, 2

Moscow Curling Club

st. Truth, 24s2


"Alpine ice"

Young Lenintsev St., 52


FMC "Moskvich"

Volgogradsky Prospect, d. 46/15 p. 10


Sports School № 10

Zelenograd, Lake Alley, Buildings 4 and 6


Dmitrov, st. Professional, d. 25

New League

st. Suschevsky Val, 56


Biathlon, skiing

You can arrange a biathlon sprint in the nearest forest. Just please be careful with the choice of targets. But there is no specialized center where a ski with a rifle is put on an adult for a moderate fee. Only children are allowed to do biathlon - mostly over eight years old. At the same time, you need to understand that now it is one of the three most popular sports in Russia, so the competition among our shooting skiers in 15 years will be crazy.

You need to look for biathlon schools where there are green areas. Well, or on the Internet. True, not everyone has their own sites with detailed instructions on how to put a child there and how much it will cost. But all this can be found out by phone. These schools also offer ski training classes. As, however, in almost every Moscow school.


School № 43

Vkontakte page

School № 102

st. March. Vasilevsky, d. 1, bldg. one

School № 81

Vkontakte page

School № 101


"Biathlon for teens"

st. Admiral Lazarev, d. 47, bldg. one

"Youth of Moscow"


SDUSSHOR "Sparrow Hills"


Skiing, snowboarding,freestyle

You can learn to ski or snowboard on any slope in Moscow and the region. On each of them for a small fee, you can hire an instructor who will show the basics. If you want to educate a child, then in the city this can be done at the capital school. Her trainers work on five slopes: in North Butovo, Novo-Peredelkina, Kurkina, on the Vorobyovy Gory and Sevastopol Avenue. A school attached to the Alpine Skiing and Snowboard Federation teaches in a snowboard park in Krylatskoye. True, if you want your child to ever speak at the Olympics, it is advisable to move to the mountains.

Due to their absence, the Dmitrovsky district of the Moscow Region, where the ski resorts with the maximum elevation difference for our regions are concentrated, will come in handy for a start. The most famous school is at the Leonid Tyagachev Ski Club in the village of Shukolovo. Cost of classes - from 1,500 to 15,000 rubles. Depends on the age and level of preparation of your child.


RGSh "Capital"


School at the CF of Alpine skiing and snowboarding


Ski club Leonid Tyagachev


SDUSHOR "Petrel"


Skates, short track,figure skating

The mecca of Russian speed skating is Kolomna near Moscow, where in 2006, after the reconstruction, the most modern speed skating center was opened. Sochi "Adler Arena" after the Olympics will cease to exist, becoming the largest exhibition center in southern Russia.

At the same time, the Krylatskoye Ice Palace is considered the best place for ice skating, in which international competitions in speed skating and figure skating are also held periodically. There are three speed skating schools and a figure skating school with world champion Maria Butyrskaya as a head coach. In general, there are a lot of figure skating schools in Moscow.

Well, you can just go for fun in every district of Moscow. However, most of all, citizens love skating rinks on Red Square, in the Hermitage Garden, on Petrovka 26, in Gorky Park and Sokolniki.

Skates and short track

Sports school № 48

st. Radio, 10 Building 9

Sports school № 66

st. Radio, 10 Building 9

Youth school № 27

Verkhnyaya Koasnoselskaya St., 15 bldg. 2

SDUSHOR number 12

Goncharnaya emb., 1

SDYUSHOR "Youth of Moscow"


SDUSSHOR "Sparrow Hills"




Sports School № 70

st. Lobnenskaya, Vlad. 13a

SDYUSSHOR "Moskvich"


Moscow SSUOR number 1

Izmailovsky Blvd., 75/17

Figure skating

Synchronized Figure Skating Section


Happy ice


"Way to success"
Ilya Averbukh


"Silver Dream"


Children's figure skating school

st. Luzhniki Str. 24, p. 3

school of memory
L. Pakhomova


school in Gorky park


"Crystal Horse"



The situation with hockey is the same as with figure skating. There are a lot of schools, and there are enough boxes for the game. If there are few who want to drive the puck at the nearest rink, go to the same Gorky park. There are always enough hockey players. And if you want to raise a new Kovalchuk, it is more logical to send your child to school at a club from the KHL. There are such both in Moscow and in the Moscow region.

Photos: couloir, Moscowcurlingclub.ru, lizniegonki, y3x, Ekaterina Sotova, rass-s.ru

Watch the video: Russia: Putin honours Russian gold medalist Olympians at the Kremlin (December 2019).

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