Participants of the Lambada Market in Tsvetnoy December 19-21

From December 19 to 21, on the minus fourth floor of the Tsvetnoy department store, the New Year's Lambada Market will be held. In addition to the familiar market for young designers and vintage collectors, this time there will open a platform with a three-day program of master classes for adults and children. The editors of Life around, which this time will be represented by their own kiosk, figured out what it is worth paying attention to when going to Lambada.

Elena Kamay

organizer of the Lambada Market

This time we tried as never before! We always start recruiting participants in one and a half to two months, and this was opened in early November. A lot of applications came: out of 800, we selected about 200. There will be many new interesting projects that are worth paying attention to. Everything is very different: there is something for young parents, and for adults, and for children, and for ravers and punks. I personally recommend that all guests look into the “Do Fest” zone to make gifts that can be taken home - there, like in the music zone, an amazing composition of participants.


This time, the city fair brought together more than 200 market participants, on the shelves of which you can find the most unexpected gifts for loved ones, as well as everything you need for a cold winter, from warm mittens and hats to handmade moisturizers. Large vinyl counters will present DIG and Enthusiast Records.




Store owners travel the world in search of designer jewelry. For their assortment, they select conceptual works by graduates of renowned art colleges who make silver and gold products in the form of bizarre geometry, nonexistent colors and even human eyelashes.



No wave store

The legendary Moscow store, which has taken New York's best second-hand clothes as a model, will present at the Lambada everything that customers can fall in love with - colorful jumpers, suede jackets, vintage leather shoes, denim overalls and bright blouses embroidered with sequins.



Mom's garden

Designer Ksenia Stoilik makes soft cotton sweatshirts and applies touching prints in the form of plants and animals by silk screen printing: deer in strawberry bushes, bullfinches with branches of mountain ash, foxes, hares and even dinosaurs peacefully eating foliage.



Graffiti artist created a brand of men's street clothing, but did not concentrate only on T-shirts and sweatshirts with their own prints. The winter collection also features practical parkas, flannel shirts, chinos and warm hats.

care products

"The magic of matter"

A craftswoman from the Krasnodar Territory manually creates organic cosmetics. Especially for this fair, soap with blue clay, lip balm with shea butter and jojoba oil, shower gel from chamomile and sage and a face scrub with cranberries and powder roses are being prepared.


Dada massage

A practicing massage therapist herself collects bouquets for the oils used in the sessions, and also experiments with creating a cream for bruises and edema under the eyes, cellulite products and multi-colored bath salts.


"Natural Laboratory" "Nikola-Lenivets"

A line of products launched by curators of the Zvizzhanka eco-camping in Nikola-Lenivets, which included shampoos made from thyme and mint, beeswax lip balm and oak bark soap.



A visiting shop of an online store with enameled utensils from Britain. Items familiar from the Soviet era are distinguished by a variety of shades and the ability to assemble a whole set of cups, teapots, plates and bowls of different sizes.


home stuff

Take me home

The online store will present its main advantages at the fair - things that you don’t suspect will be necessary until you see for yourself: mugs for Lynchburg lemonade, pillows with prints from the Games of Thrones, kitchen hooks with duck heads and sets of mini-knives for cutting cheese.


things for home

"Craft 937"

Interior items and kitchen utensils, manually created by artists and artisans in the Moscow Region: rough sawn boards for cutting, wooden plates with thick walls and pottery.


Sherry Bobbins

Canvases for room decor with ironic sayings and life wisdom, ranging from axioms about the importance of wine at dinner to Camus's sayings and quotes from the apostles about love.

Life around kiosk

Especially for Lambada, the editors of the city's online newspaper prepared a series of Heritage T-shirts with images of the most important Moscow buildings built in the 20th century: from the Melnikov House to the Shukhov Tower. Here you can also find cookies and jams prepared by Delicatessen cook, drink punch prepared by Life around editors, buy magnets with the most delicious photos from the Instagram account Life around Food, as well as useful books, clothes and records that the editorial staff decided to leave.

Food court

Young chefs and street food activists have been an integral part of Lambada since the very first fair. This time around 15 participants will be cooking, including Double B coffee makers and Co-op Black, masters of architectural ice cream Stoyn, creators of the Japanese desserts shop of rice flour Mochi, cafe kosher cuisine Pinhas and even a new project of the founders of the Wokker network with Baowow steam sandwiches.



Exit kitchen-cafe with Korean street food, steam burgers. Moscow chefs have expanded the scope of the traditional filling recipe, which includes cabbage and minced meat, and added buns with vegetables and salmon to the menu.


"We eat while standing"

Connoisseurs of Israeli cuisine, known to visitors to Gorky Park, will prepare main dishes from the street food menu of Tel Aviv and Israel: shawarma and falafel with vegetables and sauce in a drink or in a paper cup.


A project for lovers of baking and sweet desserts. The team prepares organic panna cotta, tarts and, especially for the upcoming holidays, Christmas muffins and other interesting treats from the updated winter menu. All classic recipes are finalized by adding spices and herbs.

Master classes

Together with the festival "Make Fest", the fair will organize a program of 25 workshops for children and adults. Those who are against the felling of living trees will be invited to make an alternative Christmas tree from boards or polystyrene. Anyone who does not yet know how to decorate a house for a celebration will be able to learn how to make technological Christmas decorations and a hanging flower garden. Here you can learn how to re-arrange the table and decorate the party, as well as try your hand at carpentry by making a breakfast tray in bed or in a street feeding trough. The cost of participation in master classes: 900-1 300 rubles. The timetable can be found here.

Music programm

This time, the mood will be set by music at once at three DJ points. One of them was given to the DIG vinyl store, which will present a large exit counter with records and invite friendly DJs to play. Enthusiast Records vinyl store will perform with approximately the same program, but with other records and DJs. The main stage was given to musicians whom it was already customary to listen to at the fair: Sergey and Alexander Lipsky, Sputnik, Sonya Tarasova, Leonid Lipelis and Timur Omar. Here on Saturday at 18:00 they will arrange the main surprise for those who come - a concert of young Russian shoeger Onegin Please, who recently released their second album, which was liked by music critics.

Text: Dima Konovalov

Watch the video: Conference participants dancing lambada in Albena, Bulgaria SGEM (December 2019).

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