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"I made a career without a diploma"

Recently, abandoned the column "education" in job advertisements. This is explained by the fact that the presence of a crust is not so interesting for employers now, as the acquired connections, skills and successful cases. We found people without higher education and learned from them whether it is really possible to find a good job and build a career without a diploma.


head of educational platform

24 years old, Moscow

Intolerable PhysTech

For a very long time I was going to enter the institute: already from the ninth grade I was preparing, I went to tutors. This was wanted not only by me, but also by my parents. My father believed that everyone needed engineers, so I went to the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology for applied physics and mathematics. But, when I entered and moved to Moscow from Ufa, my motivation was only enough for a year. After that I was not interested in studying. About six months later I went to college, tried to do something, but I just didn’t see any reason to study further, because they gave me only a lot of theory and no one explained how to put it into practice. The university positioned itself in such a way that after it you will be able to do everything and become necessary for all employers, but you didn’t explain anything practical in junior courses.

For about a year and a half, my parents did not know that I dropped out

Also, the educational building with the hostel are located in Dolgoprudny. It turns out that you constantly cook in this atmosphere, almost never go anywhere, because there is no time, and this situation is very crushing. In the second half of the second year, I started going to a university psychologist to figure it out. And she did not try to motivate me to stay, but simply said: "Think about what you want." I thought I didn’t want to study, and wrote a statement. I did not consult with anyone, did not discuss how this would affect my future life, I was just physically ill.

For about a year and a half, my parents did not know that I dropped out. Then my father discovered this by accident when he googled my name and received a deportation order by a second link. Of course, there was a scandal, my father did not talk to me for six months after that, and here I understand my parents. Four years have passed, and now we communicate normally. Something about hopes and plans periodically skips, but, in principle, everything is in order.

Anticafe and management

At first, I did nothing for about six months. During my studies, I worked a little bit, my parents helped me with money, so I had an accumulated amount that allowed me to live for my own pleasure. I agreed that I remained to live in a hostel, there was no need to pay for an apartment. When the money started to run out, I got an administrator in an anticafe for 10 thousand rubles. The advantage of this work was that one could also live there. Then I started tutoring. There are aggregator sites where many people are looking for tutors from their students for their children. I have a well-known university, and I passed the exam well, so the tutoring rate was around 2 thousand per hour. I could do nothing all day, in the late afternoon I would go to my student, and this was enough for me to live on. But tutoring soon bothered: every day the same thing, there is no growth.

The lack of a diploma did not interfere with my employment or career growth, except that sometimes jokes arise in the team on this subject

In parallel, a friend called me to the company where she worked. It was necessary to carry out tasks of the "bring-serve" level for 200 rubles per hour. I stayed there and have been working in this company for three and a half years. Now I am the head of the division, I have subordinates, I am at the level of middle management.

The lack of a diploma did not interfere with my employment or career growth, except that sometimes in the team there are jokes in this regard. When I came to work, the company had 30 people, and now it is already more than 100. At first everything was very democratic, I could just drop by the CEO and talk to him, even without being an official employee. There were no problems with a career: if you work well, you are promoted.

Career without a diploma

I work for an education company that connects students with large companies. Our HR managers say that higher education at the undergraduate level is needed, but I still see quite a few situations when people build a career without it. It is clear that if there are two candidates - one with a diploma, and the second without, then, all other things being equal, they will prefer the one who received the education. But still now they are starting to focus more on how much you are able to think.

If I had the opportunity to go back and make a decision whether to drop out or not to drop out of college, I would drop him

Now I do not need a diploma, but I do not exclude the possibility that it may appear in the future. Of course, I’m not going to fizteh anymore, I’m thinking of going for some kind of management or marketing. I know for sure that I don’t want to attend full-time studies, because I will already be eight years older than my classmates, and I don’t even know what to talk about with them. I would go to study in absentia, but not in an incomprehensible university, but in a normal one. I just don’t understand yet if I have enough money and motivation for a normal one.

If I had the opportunity to go back and make a decision whether to drop out or not to drop out, I would drop him. Having finished my studies, I would have received a specialty and became some kind of system analyst at the bank. Everything would be different, but I can’t say better or worse. I am pleased with what is now, both in terms of work and in terms of money.


Purchasing Manager

35 years old, Ufa

No time to learn

I don’t have a diploma of higher education, or even a crust on the completion of 11 classes. There is a certificate that is given after the ninth grade, and an extract from the technical school. It’s difficult to even call it a document: an A4 sheet simply lists the items that I had from the first to third year, grades and printing.

I am in my third year at a technical school, and at home my mother and brother are hungry

At some point, I found myself in a situation where I had to choose: go on to study further or work. My brother was born, my mother is on maternity leave, and my brother's father suddenly disappeared. It turns out that I am in the third year at the technical school, and at my mother and brother are hungry. At first I went to work as a storekeeper on a night shift, but quickly realized that I was not pulling both, I dropped out of school and began to work constantly. After finishing the third year, I first transferred to extramural studies, then went on academic leave, from which I did not return, because I realized that I would not work in my specialty, she was absolutely uninteresting to me (I had to become a mechanic of oil refining equipment).

From the bottom

I worked in many places: for example, in a company that rented equipment to musicians who came on tour, I collected huge stadium speaker portals. There I grew up to a technician, but I had to not only work hard, but also drink a lot, mainly vodka. My young body stopped coping, I escaped from there and settled back in the warehouse.

Every time you come to a company without a diploma, you get a lower position. With education, I would just start one or two steps higher. Conditionally, if earlier I had to start with the work of a loader, then with a diploma I would immediately become a storekeeper in a warehouse. In almost all companies, I grew quickly: somewhere to the senior storekeeper, somewhere to the warehouse manager. Once in one company they noticed that I can communicate well, and they called me to the office as a brand manager.

Every time you come to a company without a diploma, you get a lower position

In another company, I also started as a storekeeper, but even there they drew attention to my experience and well-suspended language. So I transferred to the post of technical director, was engaged in all warehouse and transport logistics: I had two dozen people under my command. Now I make sure that the goods are always in stock, I am engaged in operational procurement. As I say: "I can find that, I don’t know what, and even that it should be acceptable." Above me is only the director, who decides which direction the company generally moves on to.

In addition to work, I now run two channels in a telegram devoted to stationery, reanimate my own site, and also work in three social networks: Instagram, Facebook and VKontakte. In order to do this efficiently, I study marketing, including SMM and copywriting, because I respect and love my readers and do not want their blood to flow from their eyes.

Skills against crusts

It seems to me that at work they look more at your brains and qualities than at your diploma. Once a man with three higher educations worked with me as a storekeeper, but he was a terrible drunkard. Being sober, he did say very clever things, but as soon as he drank, he went into booze for three months, and we did not see him. Since childhood, I read a lot, was engaged in self-education, always looking for material that I need at a certain stage of my life.

I once thought to buy a diploma of secondary special education, but I realized that now it does not work, everything is tracked through an electronic system. One of my classmate, who also dropped out of college, just bought a crust, however, long ago, when it was easier to do. But he still does not work in his specialty, so it is not clear why he needed it.

Somehow I was thinking of buying a diploma of secondary special education, but I realized that now it does not work

I do not belittle the need for higher education, but not everyone needs it. I understand perfectly well that without higher education I can’t become a scientist, doctor, banker or financier. It’s just that young people are jamming into institutions, spending years studying, and getting into reality, they find out that knowledge is outdated and skills will never come in handy. And the graduates themselves understand that they want to do something completely different in life. Therefore, I am for career guidance and for my daughter to go through her in the future. I am soon 35 years old, and if I get a different job, I no longer want to prove that I am better than those who have diplomas. So maybe I would take an online course. Now that I understand what I’m doing and what I like to do, I’d go to download these skills and study subjects selectively.

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