What cool playgrounds look like in Moscow

Over the past couple of years in Moscow, in addition to parks, many interesting playgrounds have appeared - with large swings, extreme bungees and rope mazes - which are equally interesting to explore for both children and their parents. It’s not always necessary to go to the center: local entertainment is available in almost every Moscow district. Life around tells where to go next weekend.

Playground "Salute" in Gorky Park

Address: st. Krymsky Val, 9

Who did: architectural bureau AFA

A new site near the Pioneer pond and the "Green School" opened to the 90th anniversary of the park. Two hectares of uncomplicated childish joy, which adult visitors enjoy exploring in the evenings, is a project of Gorky Park and the Garage Museum, developed jointly with the AFA architectural bureau. The space was divided into nine zones of different heights, depths and sizes, where you can play with water, sand, textures, color and sound - according to the creators, activity on the “Salute” involves all the senses. It’s worth going to the giant Megakacheli complex, which has no analogues in the world, the 20-meter maze of the Tower and the Water Station - a platform with dams, canals and water machine guns.

Olympic Village Park

Address: st. Olympic Village, 2

Who did: Architectural Bureau LDA Design

The concept of a large green zone in the south-west of Moscow (at the intersection of Michurinsky Prospekt and Lobachevsky Street) was developed by the British architectural bureau LDA Design - it was also improving the Olympic Park in London. In addition to running and bike paths and sports grounds for games and crossfit, there are six children's areas for all ages. The most interesting are the “Python” with a bunch of nets and a springy coating and the “Hills” with huge slides, climbing nets and a climbing wall.

"Red Guard Ponds"

ADDRESS: Krasnogvardeisky blvd, 1a

WHO DID: Architectural Bureau Wowhaus

The park on Krasnogvardeisky Boulevard opened last fall, but few people reach its playground. It's easy to find it: the site is located at the intersection of Zvenigorodskoye Shosse and Krasnogvardeisky Boulevard. And if you always wanted to have a tree house, then this location is just what you need: there are several houses on trees, and you can get from one to another by suspension bridges, ladders, ropes or nets. Plus there are bungees, swings and a climbing wall. For younger children, architects built a separate interactive zone - with a sandbox, a slide and an indoor pavilion, where you can hide from the rain.

Academic Park

Address: st. Dmitry Ulyanov, 9a, p. 1

Who did: Architects Anna Antokhina and Nadezhda Astanina

Academic is another local park located near the Darwin Museum. It seems that it can be called a park of natural sciences: dinosaurs were placed on the main avenue, and models of chemical elements were placed on one of the playgrounds. The equipment is about the same as everywhere: climbing frames, nets, climbing walls, slides, swings and trampolines. The area for kids was made as safe as possible - with low swings and slides and interesting labyrinths.

Delegate Park

Address: st. Delegatskaya, 7, p. 1

Who did: LLC "Design workshop No. 1"

Delegatsky is a small park right behind the Museum of Decorative and Applied Arts. Getting to it is equally far from Novoslobodskaya, Tsvetnoy Boulevard, Dostoevskaya or Mayakovskaya, but in good weather there are a lot of children. In general, the activities in Delegatsky are designed more for teenagers, but perhaps parents will also want to ride a bungee, experience a climbing wall or move off a high hill. The restriction is only one: weight is not more than 80 kilograms. For kids there is a zone where they built a bunch of interesting rocking chairs, safe trampolines and a "sand factory" with different diggers and sprinklers.

Watch the video: Exploring the Best Park in Moscow for Families and Fun (December 2019).

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