Taste of clothes: Cool merch in Yekaterinburg restaurants

In cafes, restaurants and bars of Yekaterinburg, you can not only eat and drink a glass, but also to dress up. We went around the city’s popular establishments to find out which merchandise could be purchased as a gift or as a keepsake. In the new Life around guide, we tell you where to buy a sweatshirt with a cat, a poncho with rabbit ears and a winter padded jacket.


Svetlana Shchaveleva


Sergey Poteryaev

Jang su

They thought about branded clothes in a cafe of Chinese cuisine in April 2018, but it took almost half a year to find a manufacturer who would produce clothes of decent quality. As a result, friends from Tele-Club shared the necessary contact. The first merchandise in Jang Su appeared immediately after the New Year.

Prints for clothes were invented by the creators of the institution along with Elena Prislonova, a Yekaterinburg designer who developed the project for the cafe itself. Now in Jang Su you can buy black t-shirts and sweatshirts with several patterns to choose from. The first print is maneki-neko, copies of cats that bring luck from the entrance group of the institution. The second is a rock and roll cat, the third is an assembly instruction for the crane using the origami technique with a reference to the Jang Su logo. And the last one is a funny hieroglyphic inscription: "The most comfortable pose is to lie down, the most delicious food is dumplings." The cost of t-shirts is 1,500 rubles, sweatshirts - 2,000, on holidays you can get a special offer and buy clothes at a discount.

Usually, merchants are bought by regular guests of Jang Su, who love the institution and want to be involved in its life. For them, by the summer, perhaps, they will release another collection of things: with interesting author's prints and in a different color scheme.

Pictured: Li Zhijin, Jang Cafe Chef Su

MOMO pan asian kitchen

The MOMO brandbook initially had a section dedicated to branded merchandise: from clothing, stickers and badges with cat's feet to hats, snoods and mittens. Warm clothes were developed by the guys from Check Ya Head. In the first winter, quite a lot of accessories were sold, which regular guests still wear.

In the summer of 2017, cozy branded sweatshirts and simple white T-shirts from Kh of Yekaterinburg designer Anastasia Khokhlova appeared. In 2018, windbreakers for 2,000 rubles, t-shirts for adults with funny inscriptions about food and wine for 1,600, as well as t-shirts for kids for 1,200 with a cat symbol - were added to them. This collection has become the most successful. The first batch of T-shirts with “It's Wine O'Clock” and other slogans sold out in a few weeks. Now these are in small numbers on the window.

Also in MOMO there are warm quilted vests with a smoking cat, they are given to guests who go outside briefly in the cold season. After many requests, the restaurant decided to sell them too. The cost of one is 7,000 rubles, so there are few buyers. By the warm season and away festivals in the gastrobar, they plan to release another batch of T-shirts with new slogans and prints.

In the photo: Natalia Bokovets, managing the gastrobar MOMO pan asian kitchen


Warm poncho with rabbit ears in the "Tour" appeared about a year and a half ago for guests who in cold weather go out of the restaurant to the street. The design was invented by Valentin Kuzyakin, having drawn a sketch on a napkin. Long ears, incidentally, appeared by chance: they remind of the restaurant's logo - a slightly insane rabbit that cooks itself.

Initially, they did not plan to sell the poncho, but after numerous requests from guests, this opportunity appeared. The cost of one is 7,000 rubles. In addition to its main function, to warm guests, the poncho perform one more thing: if you look at the pictures according to the geotag of the restaurant on Instagram, you will find many photos in recognizable clothes.

On the photo: Lilia Kuzyakina, PR-manager of the restaurants "Tours", "Crabs, bastards and wine", "Jay", Engels Coffee


On the eve of the World Cup in Paste restaurant, we developed a branded merch for tourists who were supposed to come to the city. The prints for T-shirts, bags and badges dedicated to the Urals were created by Tatyana Khorishko - the designer who is responsible for the corporate identity of the institution. According to the idea, the author wanted to perpetuate landmarks for the city, objects that cannot be passed by, for example, the Water Tower in the Historical Square.

After the football fans left the city, the restaurant decided to leave clothes and souvenirs in an impromptu window at the entrance. There are always a lot of foreign tourists in Pate who are happy to purchase such things as a keepsake. The cost of the badges is 150 rubles, magnets - 200, bags - 500, t-shirts - 600.

In addition, as a branded souvenir, you can take an enameled mug with a picture of a Pasha cat living in a restaurant with you, and before the New Year - special children's gifts in branded box houses.

In the photo: Kristina Shishkina, manager of the restaurant "Pate"

"Crabs, bastards and wine"

Before the institution was opened, the creators of Gadov decided that the restaurant staff should wear red hats reminiscent of the famous French ocean explorer Jacques-Yves Cousteau. Bright hats ordered at Check Ya Head.

Even before the first guests got into the restaurant, on Instagram appeared pictures of Valentin and Lilia Kuzyakin, as well as employees of the institution and friends in company caps. As a result, the presale of accessories started before the official opening of "Reptiles".

Now the waiters in hats can be seen in late spring and early fall, when the guys work between the main hall of the restaurant and the summer terrace and go outside in the cool season.

Everyone can buy one of the caps for 1,000 rubles. Among the merchants - regular guests and tourists from around the world. The restaurant says that friends often send travel photos when they meet someone in a familiar headdress.

Sometimes in the social networks of the institution there are comments with the question of who wants to wear clothes with a similar inscription. But the “Reptiles” are sure that their logo will not confuse people with a good sense of humor and self-esteem.

In the photo: Artem, waiter of the restaurant "Crabs, reptiles and wine"



The branded hoodies for the We Are Cafe of Conscious Nutrition were created by designer Sergei Yezhov, co-founder of the Hardy Wolf brand. Clothing appeared three months after the opening of the institution. She was given a warm circle of regular guests, friends, employees, and also played on social networks.

Cozy one size hoodies are available in three colors: beige, lilac and red. The cafe logo is indicated on the hood. Now in "We are" they want to add another color, bright green, and probably after that put up the clothes for sale to everyone.

Most often, regular cafes and bloggers ask about hoodies. Those who managed to get branded items put them on while walking, traveling, or simply when they come to "We are." In the future, the creators of the institution want to collaborate with local designers who work with natural fabrics, eco-leather and try to create things with care for nature. The first such collaboration is scheduled for May this year.

In the photo: Tatyana Zavodovskaya, the ideological inspirer of the cafe of conscious nutrition // Angelina, bartender of the cafe of conscious nutrition "We are"


Quilted jackets with the “Spark” logo appeared in the restaurant back in 2014, after the ban on smoking in public places. According to the idea of ​​Yevgeny Keksin, who was then the art director and one of the co-owners of the establishment, warm clothing was intended for guests who did not quietly smoke in the corners, but honestly went out into the street with cigarettes. Firstly, quilted jackets helped not to freeze in the cold season, and secondly, they allowed to unload the cloakroom attendant, who otherwise had to bring smokers' belongings all night and bring them back.

It was not difficult to find a supplier; in Yekaterinburg, many companies are engaged in the production of workwear. They tried to apply the logo in different ways, but in the end they decided to do it manually: using a stencil, ordinary white paint and a paint roller.

Telogreys immediately fell in love with the guests, and over the past five years in Ogonyok they spent a lot of money on their production, because many guests simply leave in branded clothes after parties and forget to return it. Although everyone can buy a quilted jacket officially, for only 1,000 rubles.

You can also buy raincoats and branded cases for smartphones in the restaurant. The latter were made to the institution's birthday. They are decorated with a set of letters, which make up the slogan "Spark". Almost all cases were presented to regular guests during the holiday, the rest can be purchased at the bar, the price is 1,000 rubles.

In the “Spark” they do not exclude the possibility that in the near future, as well as in the Chinese restaurant “Friendship” and the Alibi bar, t-shirts and other branded things may appear.

In the photo: Daria Kozhevnikova, director of the Ogonyok bar-restaurant // Ivan Bezler, chef of the Ogonyok bar-restaurant

"Nelson Sauvin"

Last summer, “Nelson Sauvin” appeared T-shirts in basic colors with two prints: the first - with Nelson from the cartoon “The Simpsons” and the name of the institution, indicated by hieroglyphs, the second - with the inscription Sauvignon Blunt. The idea of ​​releasing branded clothing is no coincidence: many craft breweries and beer bars have their own merch, so Nelson decided to do something similar.

A total of 400 t-shirts were made. They were bought up by regular guests of the institution and friends from the beer industry, several shirts were sent to friends in Moscow, St. Petersburg and even Denmark. The latest copies of different sizes can be purchased at the bar for 1,000 rubles. This summer, Nelson Sauvin plans to sell T-shirts again, but with a different print. The drawing was designed by a familiar artist: it will be made in the style of engraving and is dedicated to the bar and beer.

In the photo: Karina, bartender of the Nelson Sauvin beer bar

Branded items can be purchased in other places of the city: for example, in the restaurant of happy Georgian cuisine “Khmeli Suneli” they sell Svanese salt in branded canvas bags, as well as boards and rolling pins, in the Alibi bar there are covers for smartphones, in the Surf Coffee shop - t-shirts and sweatshirts, in Simple Coffee - badges, key chains and enameled mugs, and in La Rose confectionery - a collection of handmade dishes with funny inscriptions, made especially for the establishment.







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